Learning and Development Relaunch at Vantage Consulting

In many organisations, employee training is often only reserved for those who are new to the business or employees who are struggling within their role. At Vantage, we believe that training shouldn’t stop once you’ve passed your probation. It’s something that should be ongoing, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their role or how long they’ve been in the business.  

To ensure we continue providing the highest level of learning and development possible, we’ve decided to revamp and update our Vantage academy to better suit the training needs and requirements of our team. We hope that by doing this, we will not only help our employees feel more confident in their roles but also give them the skills they need to succeed and instil them with the positive behaviours and attitudes we expect at every level of our business.  

So, what will this learning and development revamp involve, we hear you ask? Well, for starters, we’ve streamlined our training sessions to help make them more palatable and also tailored our training documents to incorporate all of our employees, not just those who are new to the business. We’re also investing in external training for our employees to compliment the learning and development programme that will be running at our in-house training facility. 

Our updated training suite is now better equipped to cater to the differing learning styles of our employees and for those who join us in the future. We each have our own way of learning, whether by doing, listening or reading. So, our training team will tailor the training of each of our employees– based on the learning style that works best for them. This should make it easier for each employee to learn and develop their skills and retain as much information as possible. 

As part of the Vantage academy, every member of our team will also develop a personal development plan (PDP), which allows them to choose which route they want to take to develop their career. So regardless of whether they want to take the management route or become a big biller, everyone gets the same investment. 

Once they’ve chosen a specific route, our employees will use their PDP to work closely with their managers to pinpoint where improvements can be made and where additional training might be needed. This should encourage all our employees to reach their full potential and meet any goal they set themselves, whether it’s a promotion or to develop a particular skill. 

Our managers will also now be able to access and implement specific modules from our training plan to help their teams in areas where they might be struggling. We want to encourage team learning at every opportunity, particularly between the newer employees and those who have been with us for years. This can help to plug gaps in our team’s knowledge, while also bring new ideas and viewpoints into our business. 

We realise that not every recruitment agency is in a position to provide such a complex learning and development function to their employees, so we feel very proud of what we’ve managed to achieve so far. While these updates are very exciting, our Vantage team are always on the lookout for new methods in which we can continue to provide training that is fully personalised and considers the needs, goals and learning styles of our employees. 

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