Top IT & Technology Skills for 2022

If we’ve learned anything over the course of the pandemic, we can expect 2022 to be filled with continued IT advancements and fast pace digital transformation. With the rise of remote working and many businesses now adopting a ‘digital first’ business model, IT and technology professionals must be staying ahead of the game to remain competitive.

In fact, the World Economic Forum’s Future of Job Report recommended that 50% of all employees will need to re-skill by 2025 as the adoption of new technology increases. These new technologies are creating new ways of working, new roles and whole new teams in organisations, so it’s essential to keep learning.

Here’s our rundown of the top IT and technology skills that you need to add to your CV this year:

1. Software Development 

The longevity of the pandemic has meant that many businesses are utilising temporary measures for permanent software challenges. As a result, there is now a massive technology gap for businesses, and, even more importantly, a lack of talented software developers who can tackle it. To help, you need to become clued up on a JavaScript Frameworks such as Vude, Node or React. Or, even better, invest some time into learning multiple languages to increase your chances of securing the role you want.

2. Cloud Computing

The rise of remote working has seen a rise in the demand for Cloud Computing professionals. Skills such as cloud security, machine learning, data storage, DevOps and network management are highly sought after, so investigate certifications run by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM to get up to speed.

3. User Experience (UX)

A skilled UX professional can help a business increase productivity, optimise development time/costs and propel customer acquisition and retention. The future of UX is set to become more specialised in the coming months and years, so it’s a good idea to expand your skillset in areas such as Information Architecture (AI), application development (JavaScript, CSS and HTML), Agile, user research and usability testing.
Expand your skillset with knowledge of HTML

4. Project Management

During such uncertain times, a good Project Manager is essential to keeping teams on track and focussed. As a Project Manager you will need to be prepared to take on several roles for the project to be a success, as well as having knowledge across the board. You will need to understand project management methodologies, know how to manage the project lifecycle and be a great communicator to make a real impact.

As the world continues to become more digital, the IT and technology industry increasingly expands. A great IT professional never stops learning, so continue to acquire new skills and gain extra qualifications to propel yourself to the top of the hiring managers wish list!

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